Litter A

Let us introduce parents of the first litter A.

3rd week
Boys have finally opened their eyes and their first experiments with walking really started to look like walking instead of crawling. Their biting abilities are appearing as well thanks to growing teeth, with Ali being strongest so far. They have also started to show interest in box exit, but moving out is still forbidden for them.
Abbie JuniorAbbie JuniorAbbie after 3 weeks with open eyes. Spends most of the time close to the mother, but he goes out sometimes, to show he is photogenic.
Alvin MiracleAlvin MiracleAlvien walks out for trips around the box much more opposite to Abbie. He is very interested in surrounding environment and as first, started trying to play games with his brothers.
Ali BabuAli BabuAli is similarly curious like Alvin and his downface is growing quite nicely so far.
Puppies birthdate - 7.2.2016
Puppies from this litter were born on 7th February 2016 and from the first moment, it was clear they have a lot common with their parents. We were especially surprised about the crown on the head, that Abbie Junior "copied" from his mother:-). Let's introduce the boys now:
Abbie JuniorAbbie Junior with MomAbbie Junior

He is really a clone of his mother:-)
Alvin MiracleAlvin MiracleAlvin Miracle

Alvin is on the other side closer to the father's color scheme. For that purpose, we added that legacy into his name.
Ali BabuAli BabuAli Babú

Ali je celkově tmavšího zbarvení, ale ta bílá pěšinka mezi očima mu dodává tak trochu sportovní design.

Ali is overall of darker color, but that white strip between the eyes gives him a bit of sport design.

We accept visits from the first month of puppies age. Puppies can leave home from the 7th week (based on vaccination). They will be wormed, vaccinated, Baer test, PLL test with sales contract and will be socialized. Kennel service is sure thing.


If you are interested in having one of these puppies, write us email to (Contact). We will give them only to trusted owners, we choose them carefully.